Please read this entire section before moving on to the PA Application form - Thanks!
Please don’t apply to be a Program Assistant (PA) in this training if you have a dual/multiple relationship with the training’s Lead Trainer, Co-Lead Trainer, Guest Trainer, Assistant Trainer, Lead Trainer Mentee, and/or Assistant Trainer Mentee.
To apply to be a Program Assistant (PA) in this training, you must:

  • Have either a U.S. Social Security Number or a Canadian Social Insurance Number;
  • Already have earned the Certificate of Completion from an IFS Level 1 training program;
  • Not apply to be a participant in this training;
  • Complete this online form and submit it even if you’ve been a PA before or have spoken with a trainer about being a PA for this training no other forms can be accepted. Thanks! 

PAs are selected by each program’s trainers. PA applicants are notified by trainers about being chosen or not. Trainers may select some PAs before the application deadline, and/or shortly before the training begins.  Each training team may have its own timeline for selecting PAs - if you have questions about the PA selection timeline or other aspects of being a PA, please contact this training's trainers directly. Contact information is in the website’s “About Us – Trainers” and/or “Find a Professional” listings.
A separate online PA application is required for each training you apply for.  Paper-based applications are no longer being used.
PA spaces are limited and we recommend that you apply early.
For all the details about the training, including dates, daily schedules, location, lodging options, and more, please review the training’s website brochure.
If you accept a PA position in another IFS training after submitting this application, you are required to inform the Lead and Assistant Trainers of this training. Contact information is in the website’s “About Us – Trainers” and/or “Find a Professional” listings.
PA Stipends

  • Daily stipends are paid for each full day a PA is present.
  • Stipends are not paid for training days with 2 or fewer training hours, days that are partially attended, or days a PA is absent.
  • Please see the website for stipend amount.

PAs may not make audio or visual recordings or take photographs of any part of any IFS training session, or use services such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc., to transmit or receive any part of any IFS training session.
If a PA receives a complaint from a participant about a training, the PA is required to handle it according to IFS Institute’s Grievance Policy as posted at

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.